Whether it's the machine, a specific piece of equipment, or maybe even a technician that is doing something improperly in the plant, we help our customers with the whole problem. We work with our customers to provide solutions to their repair needs. Giving a warranty on our work is critical to our business model. Our warranty is our word, and we stand by our commitment to providing value for our customers and keeping their plants up and running.

We offer two industry-leading warranties, an 18-Month In-Service Warranty which covers servo motors, industrial robots and valves (servo valves and proportional valves), and a 24-Month In-Service Warranty which covers electronic repairs. Our 24-Month warranty started on January 1st, 2018, and does not apply to previous electronic service for prior years.

Our warranties start on the date that you plug the repair into the machine and not when it is shipped back to you. We track In-Service Warranties to ensure that our customers' parts and units will work as intended when they are needed. In addition, our warranties cover the entire unit and not just the parts we repaired or replaced.

Industrial Repair Service works on industrial electronics used in manufacturing, wind, energy, and maritime industries. We offer repairs and maintenance services for industrial equipment, including electronic repairs, refurbishing, and upgrades. We also provide consultation and support for preventative maintenance initiatives.We do not support consumer product repairs, only commercial and industrial.
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