How are your repairs priced?

We price on a flat rate basis. We build a price by taking into account new cost, past history, and current repair market for that item. Flat rate pricing ensures that we never have to charge evaluation fees.

What is your warranty?

We currently offer two industry leading In-Service Warranties. The first warranty is for 18 Months and applies to all our Motors, Mechanical and Robotics Labs. The second warranty cover Electronics and it extends to 24 Months. The warranty covers the entire unit and not just the parts we repaired or replaced. The warranty does not begin until you install your unit into your machine.

What happens to my unit/repair during a warranty period?

You will need to send your unit back to us for an evaluation. We will make every attempt to repair it again. If we can’t repair your item we will find a replacement unit for you and/or put a credit your account with us.

How is your warranty tracked?

Our warranty is tracked through the old-fashioned honor system. We depend on you to let us know when your unit is install.

What is your turn-around time?

Standard turn-around averages up to 7-10 working days. If there are part delays or other factors that push the delivery beyond 10 days, you will be contacted by a salesperson or a customer service representative.

Do you offer rush service??

Yes, we offer two rush service options. For an additional 25% or $100.00 (whichever is greater), we will try to get your item repaired and shipped within 24 - 48 hours. For an additional 10% or $50.00 (whichever is greater), you can get 3 - 5 day turn-around. If the 24 - 48 hour time frame cannot be met, the pricing is adjusted to a 3-5 day rush. If the 3-5 daytime frame is not met, then the rush fee is removed.

Why is my unit "beyond repair"?

Because we quote on a flat rate basis, we do not begin the repair process until we receive the approval. In some cases, once we begin to repair an item, we may find that it is too damaged to be fixed, or that parts are unavailable. If a unit is being returned to you unrepaired, please know that we have thoroughly exhausted every available option to fix, including replacing the entire unit. There is no charge for a unit that is returned beyond repair.

Where can I get a status update on an existing job?

You can check the status of any job, past or present, by logging onto our customer portal on our website with your secured log-on and password. If you do not have access please contact our customer service department at 800-950-2349. You can also check the status of your job by starting a live chat, or sending an email:, be sure to reference your Sales Order/PO # in the subject line. We will respond within 24hrs of receipt of all emails.

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