metal detector lab

Industrial Metal Detection repairs for the food and pharmaceutical processing industry: Metal Detection Repair, Metal Detection Rebuild, Packaging Equipment Repair. Quality inspection is one of the most important steps in putting together a preventative maintenance plan for any food production or pharmaceutical processing facility. Contaminants must be reliably detected and removed from the production process to ensure product quality and consumer safety. Industrial Repair Service provides comprehensive metal detection repair services for food detection and repair services for packaging equipment. When repairing metal detection equipment or repairing packaging equipment, Industrial Repair Service aims at keeping product inspection equipment operating with maximum efficiency after being repaired or rebuilt.
Industrial Repair Service is the best metal detection repair company in the food and packaging industry. By servicing all major brands and series of industrial metal detection and packaging equipment, including old and obsolete units, restoring equipment life is our number one goal. We service control module repairs, circuit board repairs, power supply repairs, and all metal detection electronics and packaging equipment electronics. Industrial Repair Service also completes full aperture rebuilds of metal detection equipment, water damage restoration of metal detection equipment, and the repair of metal detection conveyor systems or the rebuild of metal detection conveyor systems. When it comes to any metal detection or any food packing equipment our technicians can calibrate, test, and set-up to your product specifications. This offers huge benefits when putting together a preventative maintenance plan for your facility.
Industrial Repair Service wants to increase operational uptime and keep costs low when repairing metal detection equipment or repairing food packing equipment such as auto wrappers, printing machines, labeling machines, weighing machines, or scales. We understand that certain compliance obligations must be met. Industrial Repair wants to ensure that inspection equipment performs accurately with today’s regulatory standards and the best possible detection levels are set for your products.
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