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Servo Valve Repairs, Proportional Valve Repairs, and Hydraulic Servo Valve Repairs: Industrial Repair Service is the leading independent repair service provider (IRSP) for industrial grade electronics and equipment within the automation, manufacturing, and energy industries. We offer huge savings on repairing hydraulic valves over the cost of buying new OEM equipment. How? On average, repairs will typically run about half the cost of buying new. How’s that for savings?

Industrial Repair Service has two primary objectives when it comes to repairing servo valves and repairing proportional valves. First, we want to offer a cost-effective solution to our end users. Second, we want to give a quality product back to all our clients. Our valve technicians have over 30 years of industry experience. Having this technical knowledge in house gives us the ability to ensure you are getting a quality repair.

During the repair process your servo valves and proportional valves are completely torn down. All bad, worn, broken, missing parts and/or components are identified and replaced. We maintain the highest standard of quality control. Each valve is cleaned, calibrated, and tested in our dedicated test stands. We provide testing with full application simulation. Testing and balancing your servo valves and/or proportional valves are two integral and critical parts of the repair process. We make sure every valve and its electronics are performing to its specifications before leaving our facility.

All valve repairs come with an 18 Month In-Service Warranty. What does In-Service mean? Our warranty starts the day you install your valve back into your machine and not when it is shipped back to you like other repair companies. Plus, our warranty covers the entire valve and not just the parts we repaired or replaced. No other competitor in the industry can beat our warranty. We offer an average standard turn-around time of 7-10 business days on all repairs. Need a repair faster?

If you need emergency repair services, you’ve picked the right hydraulic valve repair specialists. We can service rush orders within 24-48 of getting your approved order. Rush and emergency repair services do come with an extra fee. Contact us with any repair questions. We’d be happy to help you with all your hydraulic servo valve repair or proportional valve repair needs.

Today, there are more reasons than ever to choose Industrial Repair Service for all your hydraulic valve repair needs. We are constantly adding to our list of valve manufacturers. If you don’t see your valve manufacturer below then give us a call at 800-950-2349. We cover an number of servo valve manufacturers and proportional valve manufactures out there today: Bosch valves, Eaton hydraulic valves, Moog servo valve, Parker hydraulic valve, Vickers valve, Rexroth valves, and more.
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