Each year we research a number of charities that we feel will resonate with our staff as well as our business. Over the years we have partnered with a number of charities that we feel align with our business. We can wait to have a dedicated webpage that screams their accolades and upcoming events.

This page is currently under construction. Please check back at a later date and see if this page is operational. In the meantime, please email us at if your organization or non-profit is interested in a corporate partnership. We would be happy to speak with you to discuss logistics. Please call 800-950-2349 x123.

Industrial Repair Service works on industrial electronics used in manufacturing, wind, energy, and maritime industries. We specialize in industrial equipment repairs, refurbished repairs, equipment upgrades, remanufacturing services, industrial grade electronic repairs, and preventative repair maintenance consultations and repair support initiatives. We do not support consumer product repairs, only commercial and industrial.

We repair servo motors and spindle motors. Our technicians have..
Food inspection is the most important step in food production..
Hydraulic valves and valve repair, servo and proportional valves..
We repair AC drives, DC drives, and Variable Frequency drives VFD..
With expanded testing capabilities, we can fully simulate plant..
Repair of circuit boards, timers, displays, HMI, PLC, temp controllers..
Industrial robots repair service aimed to inspect, disassemble..
Our technicians repair pitch controls, circuit breakers, converters..