Our AC & DC drive repair service can provide you with an alternative to buying new equipment. Our drive repair lab services products like, AC drives, DC drives and soft starts. We have the ability to source a number of parts for old and obsolete equipment and carry the latest test equipment in order for our technicians to diagnose problems. We've developed a video system that shows your drive being tested to give you peace of mind your equipment will work once it's shipped back to you.

Our custom load center gives us the ability to fully load test drives up to 400 horsepower. This testing process allows our technicians to identify weak and faulty components and hotspots while they measure and monitor the voltage and current of your unit.
Years of mechanical experience and knowledge specifically on motors that use feedback devices..
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Load testing center which gives us the capability to fully repair and test AC & DC drives up to 400 hp..
With our expanded servo system testing capabilities, we can fully simulate and replicate plant running..
Over 25 years of experience in the repair of circuit boards, counters, displays..
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